Friday, 30 March 2012

Out of the Greeness.

The night brought a cloud of light
amongst the blackness and stars.

It was green and danced in circles and
then stopped, disappeared into darkness
and then came back with ever more clarity,
twisting and spiralling, opening up like curtains
on a stage.

My friend and I watched in silence.
The sky is our friend
and no words are needed.


  1. I think this was the Aurora Borealis, am I right? If so I am green with envy! LUCKY Doris.

  2. cuby poet: yes, it was an aurora - not the best I've ever seen, but spectacular nonetheless. Maybe you will see one next time you are up here. (By the way- my daffodils are just opening up.)

  3. I saw the aurora from Morar once, it was megga! lucky Doris. X