Tuesday, 14 February 2012

For Robbie, a troubled soul.

My friend was troubled
it wasn't his fault,
dodgy wiring.

They all tried so hard
even boot camp failed
now he's gone.

My best friend says
he looked peaceful .
We cried but we know its the best.

I will see him tonight
in my dreams
then quietly lay him to rest.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Back where I Belong

Its a relief to be back.
The city was good but
I needed the reassurance of home.

The tree rabbits are gone
And so is the noise
And I have the freedom to roam.

I'm back in my bed
Curled up warm and safe
Remembering sounds of the night.

That I heard in the city
without knowing why or what
strangeness had come into sight.

But now that I'm back
I can start to unwind
And feel the grass under my feet.

No longer the pavements
the paths through the parkland
And cobbles of some city street.

I have freedom and fresh air
waking me early
as I'm drawn back to my island retreat.