Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Glass going up

The glass is going up again.
I was ready for the storm but
we stayed in the eye.
Now the glass is rising and there
will be no storm to wait for.

Tomorrow I think I'll walk
The rain will keep me company.
I am never alone.


  1. I hope you have been out today and that your weather is better than ours which is blowing rain and cold too.

  2. cuby poet: I went out but wish I hadn't. I'm cat sitting in a castle with a quarter mile driveway that today was covered in one inch thick ice. Thinking I was being smart I borrowed the castle owner's jeep, got half way up the drive, did a 360 degree spin in slow motion, hit my own car twice and ended up in a ditch. It is now 11.20pm and I have just got the jeep towed out....not a good day....very tired now....night night.